Bowling Night

I had a ton of fun last night at Arkansa Tech’s Bowling night at Sportsworld as part of the On Track Program. I learned that I am a less than average bowler, but that doesn’t matter because it was still fun. I really love events like this because they are such great ways to meet new people. Last night I played two games with three girls I had never met before. By the end of two hours we were laughing and having a great time. Even though it started out being a little out of my comfort zone, it was a great experience that me relieze I really would like be a little more outgoing now that I’m in college.



Pinterest is one of my favorite black holes of the internet. You check the app for like two seconds before you start your homework and before you relieze it 45 minutes have passed and you’ve gone from looking at your typical feed of pizza, crafts, and movie quotes to something totally random like how to crochet a guinia pig (not kidding on that one). While it is a super great resource for bordom busters, new recipes, crafts ideas, ideas for your next shopping trip, and what to watch next on Netflix, it’s destracting qualities sometime outweigh it’s usefulness. It is probably one of my favorite forms of social media because it doesn’t require me to communicate with other people. It’s nice because it’s just me and my electronic hoarding. Yay!

Finally Fall

I am so glad it is finally fall. it’s my favorite season for more than just the return of the pumpkin spice latte (or pumpkin anything for that matter, the pumpkin people need to calm down). Dispite the cooler temperatures, there seems to something incredibly warm about the season. The trees to change to a collage of vibrant reds and oranges. Football tailgates and food always bring people together. The quality time spent with the family becomes one of my favorite memories of the season. I love cuddling up in blankets with a book and some hot chocolate. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Sweater weather is finally here.

Football with Friends

Tonight, I am just really thnkful for a fabulous day spent with friends. It’s really the little things that made today so memorable: snowcones, selfies, and casual conversations. It was great to see some of my new friends, and reunite with some I hadn’t seen since high school. We ended the night with the football game (ATU vs.Southern Arkansas University). Even though I am still learning how to completely understand football, I really enjoyed the game. We played well, and it was another great win for the Wonderboys! According to Twitter, it’s the first time ATU has gone 4-0 in 10 years. From the tailgate to the touchdowns, My first real college football game was a great experience.

Bid Day!

I’m proud to say that I survived Arkansas Tech’s formal sorority recruitment and have found my home in Phi Mu!

Bid day was a crazy whirlwind of nerves, emotions, and excitment. Four previous days narrowed down our choices from four to two. The whole process was remincient of the sorting hat in the moment before it announces your house (Harry Potter), or maybe more like choosing your faction (Divergent). Literary similes aside, it was stressful and a little scary but far less than the internet would lead you to believe. (Sorority girls are real people too.)

On bid day, I hugged about 50 different girls. Some who had met me and chose me, and others were future sisters who welcomed me like a friend. I took approxamently a gazillion pictures that day, and I’m still happy when I see them on my instagram feed.

As much as I chose Phi Mu, they chose me. I can’t wait to begin this new journey with my sisters by my side.

Album Review: Ryan Adams 1989

I have always been a huge fan of Taylor Swift. From “Teardrops on my Guitar” to “Bad Blood”, I have sung along to every song. There’s something so special about an artist who sings their own lyrics. Every line comes across as more personal. So while I am still totally in love with Taylor Swift’s 1989, I was not sure I would enjoy Ryan Adam’s moody reimagining. In the 24 hours since the album has dropped, I have been pleasently surprised by Adam’s offerings. Each song takes a new personality fueled by emotions that vastly differ from the original tone.

If you give two people the same piece of poetry and ask them to tell you what it means to them personally, you will get two different answers. These answers could differ for various reasons, but perhaps the most obvious is that they are most likely in different places in thier lives. One may be falling in love while the other is recovering from the pain left behind. One faces a begining while another faces an ending. I think this defference in interpretation is demonstated perfectly in both albums. Same words, new music, new voice, new story. The best example is Adam’s cover of “Blank Space” follwed by his rendition of “Style”. Adam’s album falls outside the original pop genre, and replaces it with rock vibes, fueled by guitar. The album doesn’t sound like a 2015 new release, but instead takes the root of its sound from the late eighties and early 2000’s. It is completly solid musically, and stands out as more than just a cover abum.

I think that despite telling a much more tragic story, Ryan Adam’s 1989 is a  beautiful, captivating retelling of Swift’s original story. One that’s worth a listen…..

24 Hour Technology Detox

This past week I participated in a 24 hour technology detox for my Intro. to Mass Communications class. It ended up being a surprisingly positive experience that has encouraged me to be more aware of my personal technology useage.

Since I am still rather new to the smartphone world, I didnt think it would be difficut at all to give up modern technology convinences including, social media, the internet, smartphones, television, digital music, computers and microwave ovens. In relaity it was a bit of a stuggle at times.

Things I learned from the experience:

Technology is good, helpful, and has advanced our society. It has also become a crutch. We are so used to instant gratification that going a day without Google is frusrating. Mindlessly scrolling through social media has become a habit, that without intentional determination, would be hard to quit.

I am more productive without access to my phone. I completed my homework quicker and with fewer errors when I forced myself to stay off the internet.

I talked to more people. I spent more time interacting with actual human beings, and the interaction was more personal than a text, post, or like could even be.

I spend way to much time on social media. Despite a mound of homework i found I had more free time to myself because I wasn’t wasting scrolling online, or mindlessly watching television.

I am a hopeless cook without a microwave oven.

It seems strange to me that I actually enjoyed this assignment. It was really eye opening for me. I plan to take what I learned about myself this week, and be more intentional with managing my time and be cautious of the black hole that is the internet.

Welcome to Arkansas Tech University

The two weeks since I have started classes at Arkansas Tech University have been a wonderful whirlwind of excitement and activity.  Within the first few days I was convinced that the campus, which is the size of a small city, holds endless opportunities.

Campus has literally everything you could possibly need. Welcome week alone has overwhelmed me with over a hundred clubs and organizations to be involved in. The wide range of options include everything from clubs specialized for my major to a Quidditch team.

My classes are proving to so better than high school. The courses I am taking are exciting and in areas of study that I want to learn more about. They are challenging at times with assignments that push me out of my comfort zone (like this blog), but are also rewarding.

While I realize I have barely scratched the surface of what ATU has to offer, I am ready for what’s to come and super happy about where I have chosen to spend the next four years.