24 Hour Technology Detox

This past week I participated in a 24 hour technology detox for my Intro. to Mass Communications class. It ended up being a surprisingly positive experience that has encouraged me to be more aware of my personal technology useage.

Since I am still rather new to the smartphone world, I didnt think it would be difficut at all to give up modern technology convinences including, social media, the internet, smartphones, television, digital music, computers and microwave ovens. In relaity it was a bit of a stuggle at times.

Things I learned from the experience:

Technology is good, helpful, and has advanced our society. It has also become a crutch. We are so used to instant gratification that going a day without Google is frusrating. Mindlessly scrolling through social media has become a habit, that without intentional determination, would be hard to quit.

I am more productive without access to my phone. I completed my homework quicker and with fewer errors when I forced myself to stay off the internet.

I talked to more people. I spent more time interacting with actual human beings, and the interaction was more personal than a text, post, or like could even be.

I spend way to much time on social media. Despite a mound of homework i found I had more free time to myself because I wasn’t wasting scrolling online, or mindlessly watching television.

I am a hopeless cook without a microwave oven.

It seems strange to me that I actually enjoyed this assignment. It was really eye opening for me. I plan to take what I learned about myself this week, and be more intentional with managing my time and be cautious of the black hole that is the internet.


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