Album Review: Ryan Adams 1989

I have always been a huge fan of Taylor Swift. From “Teardrops on my Guitar” to “Bad Blood”, I have sung along to every song. There’s something so special about an artist who sings their own lyrics. Every line comes across as more personal. So while I am still totally in love with Taylor Swift’s 1989, I was not sure I would enjoy Ryan Adam’s moody reimagining. In the 24 hours since the album has dropped, I have been pleasently surprised by Adam’s offerings. Each song takes a new personality fueled by emotions that vastly differ from the original tone.

If you give two people the same piece of poetry and ask them to tell you what it means to them personally, you will get two different answers. These answers could differ for various reasons, but perhaps the most obvious is that they are most likely in different places in thier lives. One may be falling in love while the other is recovering from the pain left behind. One faces a begining while another faces an ending. I think this defference in interpretation is demonstated perfectly in both albums. Same words, new music, new voice, new story. The best example is Adam’s cover of “Blank Space” follwed by his rendition of “Style”. Adam’s album falls outside the original pop genre, and replaces it with rock vibes, fueled by guitar. The album doesn’t sound like a 2015 new release, but instead takes the root of its sound from the late eighties and early 2000’s. It is completly solid musically, and stands out as more than just a cover abum.

I think that despite telling a much more tragic story, Ryan Adam’s 1989 is a  beautiful, captivating retelling of Swift’s original story. One that’s worth a listen…..


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