Bid Day!

I’m proud to say that I survived Arkansas Tech’s formal sorority recruitment and have found my home in Phi Mu!

Bid day was a crazy whirlwind of nerves, emotions, and excitment. Four previous days narrowed down our choices from four to two. The whole process was remincient of the sorting hat in the moment before it announces your house (Harry Potter), or maybe more like choosing your faction (Divergent). Literary similes aside, it was stressful and a little scary but far less than the internet would lead you to believe. (Sorority girls are real people too.)

On bid day, I hugged about 50 different girls. Some who had met me and chose me, and others were future sisters who welcomed me like a friend. I took approxamently a gazillion pictures that day, and I’m still happy when I see them on my instagram feed.

As much as I chose Phi Mu, they chose me. I can’t wait to begin this new journey with my sisters by my side.


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