In college, getting so overwhelmed by reposibilities that you have mental breakdown and take a nap, happens on a pretty much weekly basis. (Mondays are hard.) It’s no wonder that with our busy schedules and tons of classwork that we would fall victim to procrastination. One of the best ways I have found to avoid that trap is to have a friend call me on it, or put myself in an environment with less destraction, like the library, turn off my phone and really get to work on what I need to do. Ulnfourtunately, there is no foolproof way to completely avoid procrastination without a one-track mind, intense motivation, and self control of steel. We are at the point where we are actually mananging our own lives by ourselves, and that requires a really big learning curve. With freedom (and access to Netflix), we will make some mistakes, we just need to learn from them (eventually).


My Take on the ATU Costume Contest Controversy

I honesty think that the girl who showed up to Sigma Pi’s costume party dressed as Lil’ Wayne did not have racist inentions. Whether you believe she was in blackface or just wearing a lot of bronzer, I think we can agree on the fact that it has been blown way out of proportion by the media. Every major statewide news program talked about the controversy either during live broadcast or on their website. River Valley Leader jumoed on the hot topic, while the Courior avoided the topic. The rush to get the story out lead to a question about whether the photo’s had been altered to look more incriminating. Dr. Bowden”s official statement fueled the fire. The story was even picked up by the nation’s larget and most popular male greek life tabliod blog, Total Frat Move, due to the girl being a member in Zeta Tau Alpha. The constant social media debates were enough to to keep me off my phone for most of the day. Regardless as to her real intention and how dark her body make up was, the way both local and state media handled the story did far more damage to our University’s reputation.

Big Little Reveal!

I finally found out who my Big is! We walked into the meeting room on the fourth floor of Carrway to find  circle of mostly large boxes. We each stood in front of the one we were instructed to and then on the count of three tore them open to reveal our Big inside. I am so glad Rachel is my big! She has really spent time getting to know me since bid day! She is every bit as wonderful as I knew she would be. Tonight was full of excitement, screaming, hugging, and lot of pictures. Rachel also gave me a Frozen themed family tree of our family line in the chapter. After reveal we took a gruop trip to Bdubs to continue the fun with some food. It was a fantastic conclusion to a great week. I loved evey second of it. I definitely belive I have the best Big ever! I am looking forward to all the memories we will make together.

Letter to my Big

Dear Big,

Since, I have loved getting your letters this week, I thought I would write you one back. Thank you for making me feel so special and loved this past week. You have completly spoiled me. I have loved every single gift you gave me. They have all been wonderful, but not as wonderful as you. I cannot wait to finally find out who you are.  I am really glad to know that you are a fellow bibliophile, Disney lover, and overall geek. Since I am the oldest in my family, I have am really looking forward to gaining a big sister. I cannot wait for all the adventures we will have together. Thank you so much for everything. I will see you tonight at the big reveal!


Your Little

Big Little Week Day 4

In officially less than than twenty four hours, I get to meet my Big! Tonight’s basket was fantastic. The theme was symbols of Phi Mu. My Big included a framed copy of the Phi Mu creed, a themed letter shirt for our philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a beautiful Phi Mu bracelet, and the cutest stuffed lion I have ever seen. The lion is one of the symbol’s for Phi Mu. It appears on out official crest. We have nickname our mascot “Sir Fidel” a pararphase of the Greek statement on our crest that translates to “The Faithful Sisters”. I am still not much to figuring out who she is than I was the first night. I have loved the challenge and figuring out the clues. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

Big Little Reveal Week Day 3

Tonight was the third round of gifts from my Big! The theme was study night. My basket was loaded with a notebook, a planner, a handpainted clipboard, a quatrefoil corkboard, handfuls of colorful pens and pencils, along with a few sweet treats (mini M&M’s are the best M&M’s!) to make studying a little more bareable. I think it is really great that they spent a whole night dedicated to studying. While I love Phi Mu, grades still have to come first. My Big’s letter didn’t give anything away tonight, but it did give me another glimpse at her personality. Two days left until I find out who she is!

Big Little Reveal Week Day 2

Tonight was night two of Big Little reaveal week. Only 3 more days until I meet my Big! Tonight was Inspiration night. My Big gave me another canvas, the book Clockwork Angel, and a pink candle. My favorite items we probably a memeory box deguised as a large book, a journal filled with some of my Big’s favorite quotes, and a mixtape of some of her favorite songs (including, Stressed Out by twenty one pilots, Team by Lorde, and Let it Go by Idina Menzel (I’m really glad she is a fellow Frozen fan!)) Tonight’s letter didn’t reveal much, but I am super excited for Thursday!

Phi Mu Big Little Week Reveal Week Day 1

Today was the first night of Phi Mu’s Big Little reveal week. Our oraganization gives new memebers a big sister to help them get more more involved in Phi Mu. This event last five days. Every night each new member gets presents from big sister, leading up to the last night where her Big’s identity is revealed. Tonight I got my first gift from my Big. Tonight’s theme was “Pampered in Pink” and my basket included a comfy blanket, fuzzy socks, and the softest pajama pants ever. My Big also included some of her favorite movies, Barely Lethal, and Crazy Stupid Love, along with some movie snacks. She also included a short letter along with a clue about who she is. Tonight’s clue was “I like to smile a lot”. It honestly wasn’t much in figuring out who my Big is, but I am sure I will get better hints later on during the week. I love my Big already and can’t wait to meet her!

Why are the Christmas Trees already out in Walmart?

I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday, but it is not even halfway through October, Halloween is still two weeks away, and there are already Christmas trees up in Walmart. Is nothing sacred, anymore? I love Christmas but I am not yet ready to deal with the hassle of buying gifts and baking cookies. I am thrilled to half a month off for winter break to take time and joy the holiday. As soon as it becomes November, you can bring on the holidays, and after you have eaten on Thanksgiving you can jam to Christmas music all you want. It is just too early to start the holiday season. Two more weeks of fall and pumpkins and then Santa and his elves can take over.


Organization is something that has always been an issue for me. I like my world to work the same way my mind does: in organized chaos. I shouldn’t say I like it. I have just gotten used to it over time. If i were to out my life in perfect order, within ten minutes it would begin spiraling back into chaos. It doesn’t matter that my organization board on Pinterest has over 150 pins, it doesn’t seem to help. One of my personal goals this semester is to work on my organization skills. I plan to colorcode my notes and keep all my notes for class together. I plan to schedule a few minutes each day to work on organizing my life. I have been using so helpful apps on my phone like Google Calendar and 2Do to remind me of important events. I am hoping by next semester I will have less problems with organization thanks to my smartphone and planner.