Fave Fall/Winter Fashion Necessities

I’m so glad it”s autumn! I am so ready for fall and the warmer clothes that come with this time of year. Although I am kind of sad that I will soon have to retire my beloved Chacos for the season, I am looking forward to the big sweaters, leggings, and scarfs!

My top 5 necessities for colder weather

Long sleeve t-shirts: You will start off the season with some crazy fantasy of dressing up for class each day, When actually that will last maybe two days and you will return to your t-shirts. The long sleeve ones prefectly transistion your basic daily attire into the colder weather.

Comfy coat: It’s pretty obvious. It will get very cold and you will have to walk across campus anyway.

Sweaters: Super comfortable and can be worn with leggings and jeans. They can be casual or dressed up.

Boots: I typically wear a pair of riding boots during the winter, if I need something more than my Converse. I consider them to be a staple in my fall wardrobe.

Scarfs: They are my favorite cold weather accesory. They can be worn with just about any outfit. My favorite are the chunky, neutral colored arm knitted ones.

Overall fall is just my favorite season and I just really like the clothes that come with it.


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