Throwback Thursday: Favorite Childhood Book

My favorite childhood chapter book was Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. It is a wonderful twist on your typical cinderella story. A girl named Ella plays the protagonist. Her story starts off in a typical fairytale fashion. She has evil step-sisters but more importantly was given a “gift” at birth that makes it impossible to disobey orders. Ella grows older and begins to see it as a curse and goes on a journey to find the fairy who gave her the gift inhopes of reversing the spell. Along the way she becomes more than a typical peasant-turned-princess by fighting mythical creatures, saving a county, and of couse finding a prince. It’s a wonderful childrens story and one I have reread multiple times. It was also turned into a pretty good movie starring Anne Hathaway (Spoiler Alert: The book is better.) I am not sure exactly why it always stood out as one of my favorites, but it definitly played a big part in helping learn to love reading.


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