Top 5 Sterotypes of Sorority Girls

There are sterotypes about every group of people, and many do not represent the reality of their population. Here are the five most common myths I have heard about Greek life on my campus.

Because I am in a sorority I….

Party all the time

While I am sure partying may be more popular on other campuses across the nation, I can honestly that the majority of the girls in my sorority don’t party. Well, I guess we do on the weekends, but our partys include Netflix nights and pizza instead of frat boys and alcohol.

Don’t care about grades

I am not at college to be in a sorority. I am at college for an education. Despite what most people think, students involved in Greek life tend to do better in college and have higher GPAs. Also, most chapters have required stugy hours to help insure that their members keep their grades up.

I don’t speak to people outside of my sisterhood

I have met many people on campus. Most of those people are not involved in Greek life. Some of my closest friends are independent. Greek symbols on a t-shirt don’t determine who I am friends with.

I am rich and am “buying my friends”

LOL I wish. I am pretty much your average almost broke college student. I work to earn money for my tution and my membership dues. Paying these membership dues doesn’t mean I am buying my friends. That money goes to our events and our philanthropy. You pay money to be on the football team. Are you buying your friends?

We all got hazed.

Most chapters and campuses have extremely strict anti-hazing rules and programs. No, we did not get hazed. Please, stop asking.

While sterotyping is a regular part of our culture, Is important to remember that most are not true and that members are not cookie-cutter minions of their organizations. Dumb Asians exist….and so do smart sorority girls.


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