Phi Mu Big Little Week Reveal Week Day 1

Today was the first night of Phi Mu’s Big Little reveal week. Our oraganization gives new memebers a big sister to help them get more more involved in Phi Mu. This event last five days. Every night each new member gets presents from big sister, leading up to the last night where her Big’s identity is revealed. Tonight I got my first gift from my Big. Tonight’s theme was “Pampered in Pink” and my basket included a comfy blanket, fuzzy socks, and the softest pajama pants ever. My Big also included some of her favorite movies, Barely Lethal, and Crazy Stupid Love, along with some movie snacks. She also included a short letter along with a clue about who she is. Tonight’s clue was “I like to smile a lot”. It honestly wasn’t much in figuring out who my Big is, but I am sure I will get better hints later on during the week. I love my Big already and can’t wait to meet her!


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