My Take on the ATU Costume Contest Controversy

I honesty think that the girl who showed up to Sigma Pi’s costume party dressed as Lil’ Wayne did not have racist inentions. Whether you believe she was in blackface or just wearing a lot of bronzer, I think we can agree on the fact that it has been blown way out of proportion by the media. Every major statewide news program talked about the controversy either during live broadcast or on their website. River Valley Leader jumoed on the hot topic, while the Courior avoided the topic. The rush to get the story out lead to a question about whether the photo’s had been altered to look more incriminating. Dr. Bowden”s official statement fueled the fire. The story was even picked up by the nation’s larget and most popular male greek life tabliod blog, Total Frat Move, due to the girl being a member in Zeta Tau Alpha. The constant social media debates were enough to to keep me off my phone for most of the day. Regardless as to her real intention and how dark her body make up was, the way both local and state media handled the story did far more damage to our University’s reputation.


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