In college, getting so overwhelmed by reposibilities that you have mental breakdown and take a nap, happens on a pretty much weekly basis. (Mondays are hard.) It’s no wonder that with our busy schedules and tons of classwork that we would fall victim to procrastination. One of the best ways I have found to avoid that trap is to have a friend call me on it, or put myself in an environment with less destraction, like the library, turn off my phone and really get to work on what I need to do. Ulnfourtunately, there is no foolproof way to completely avoid procrastination without a one-track mind, intense motivation, and self control of steel. We are at the point where we are actually mananging our own lives by ourselves, and that requires a really big learning curve. With freedom (and access to Netflix), we will make some mistakes, we just need to learn from them (eventually).


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