The Return of Adele

Adele is back and her new new track Hello is inescapable. Even my grandmother knows about her (and that is saying a lot). Jokes about the popularity of her music are coming from more sources than SNL. My personal favorite is:

Why did Adele cross the road?

To say hello from the other side.

Adele has talent, no one in their right mind will deny that. I personally think the insane amount of sales was fueled by her extended break from the industry. I am more than happy for her return, even if I was not ready for the crazy level of emotions from listening to her album.



Thanksgiving Break

I am so ready for Thanksgiving break. I finally get to reunite with friends who go to other schools. It is a much needed break from classes (although sadly not homework). Ireally looking forward to spending some real quality time with my family. It’s sad that even though I still live at home I only occationally get to even sit down and enjoy a meal or converastion with them. College is busy, and the stress often keeps me emotionally unavailable (Procrastination doesn’t help either.) Even though the food is always amazing, I am really most thankful for a chance to reconnect with my family and friends. As I get older I relize what I really like most about the holiday season: making memories with the people I care about most.



One Direction is Better Without Zayn

This is of course, my personal opinion, but I honestly think  Zayn was headed in different direction musically from his bandmates (they weren’t going in one direction). The new sound, and new album, are an overall improvement. Some times you just have to change your sound, not always as drastically as Taylor Swift, but change is a good thing. Zayn had been the token bad boy of the group from the begining. One Direction was created to sell albums, and they didn’t need a bad boy figure to fit the boy band mold or to sell albums. Zayn hasn’t meshed completely with the other since the begining. He was a marketing stunt. It didn’t work out, and he left the band. It happens regularly in the music industry and the fangirls need to calm down.

Doctor Who

My favorite TV show in all of time and space is Doctor Who. It is the longest running science fiction TV show ever. (Over 50 years, take that Star Trek.) It features an humaniod alien (species: Time Lord), who reffers ti himself as The Doctor, and travels through both space and time in a time machine disguised as a blue police box. The show follows him on all his adventures. The Doctor occasionally bring friends along on his journeys. Every few years the Doctor regenrates and get a new face, body, and personality. The show is full of so many twists and turn that it never gets old. If you wanted to start watching this wonderful piece of British culture I would recommend starting with the 2005 reboot, and like a said it’s a little strange give it a few episodes before you decide you don’t like it. The 10 season of the reboot series just wrapped up on BBC and should be available in the US soon.

The Good Old Days

The day I swore would never come has come. I, for a split second, missed high school. Maybe it is just the high level of stress from college that has left me reminising my high school days. Although I love college much more than high school. I miss some of the activities I was involved in. Especially my theatre friends (Shrek the Musical was an amazing adventure). I miss having to only worry about college instead of the “real world”. Despite all the wonderful new friendships I have made, I still the miss the people I spent 4 years with who are now scattered across the country. We always seem to be in such a hurry to complain about where we are and in hurry to move on the next be thing. Why do we spend so much time wishing our lives away?

Twenty One Pilots

There a new music act gaining popularity on campus. I wasn’t interested and had blown them of as another music fad until I really listened to their music. I admit I was wrong they are very good. Twenty One Pilots are much better than I expected then to be. Part 90’s garage band and part modern hit that blends and crosses genres. “Stressed Out” is the straight truth about growing up and “Tear in My Heart” is an instant boy-wants-girl classic. It’s nice when a music group emerges with something new in a world of Top 40 hits. The combination of unique sound and powerful lyrics has Twenty one pilots gainging listeners arcoss the nation.




Disney’s Hercules

Disney’s 1997 movie Hercules is horribly underrated. I am biased because it was a personal favorite of mine when I was little, But it bothers me that most kids haven’t seen it, but have seen Finding Nemo 37ish times. Hercules is a coming of age story, heroic tale, and love story roled into one. The comedy is spot on, and the characters are complex. Who decides which films should forgotten over time? The movie is only 18 years old and is almost completely overlooked by this generation of children. The injustice of overlooking this movie as a Disney classic, extends to it’s lack of toys for children and representation in Disney Theme parks. Thankfully this wonderful children’s film is still currently on Netflix for most people to enjoy.



Album Review: Hailee Steinfeld’s HAIZ

A well established actress in movies like Pitch Perfect 2 and Barely Lethal, Hailee Steinfeld is branching out into music, and killing it. After showing off her singing skills in the Pitch Perfect sequel it was only a matter of time before she got a record deal. Her new extended play HAIZ features the hit singles “Love Myself” and “You’re Such A”, and shows off her singnature unapolgetic sound. The four songs are well crafted and catchy and right on track for the 2015 pop sound, but will mos likely be forgotten by all but the hardcore fans in a year. While they standout now, they blend into our current music culture and fail to standout long-term. Overall, great jams with no longterm staying power.

Star Wars

I am personally super excited for the new Star Wars movie. I grew up watching all six with my family, so the release is going to be a family affair. The stories are instant classics. I am so thankful to live to see a reboot of the series. (I am huge nerd.) The franchise has been reinvented and I think it fantastic that the original cast returned including Harrison Ford and that the series will get some fresh blood. Even though I think Disney will do a good job, I aslo have fears about the messing up the latest movie and it joining the ranks of other terrible “remakes”.

picture of beach

Album Review: Made in The A.M.

Dare I say it I think this album is better than the last one. Made In The A.M. may be One Direction’s best muscal offering yet. The main thing that makes this album different is the fact that it the first without Zayn Malik. The other big difference is that they did not design this album for a million dollar tour. It include many songs that are better than the released singles but would not do particularly well in a live preformance where they have to compete with more dancier tunes. Standout track for this album is “Olivia”(which is probably about Taylor Swift). Many songs, at times, mimic influences like Coldplay and the Beatles. Both lyrically and musically this is a more mature album, and one that shows a better sample of what One Direction is capable of producing.