Doctor Who

My favorite TV show in all of time and space is Doctor Who. It is the longest running science fiction TV show ever. (Over 50 years, take that Star Trek.) It features an humaniod alien (species: Time Lord), who reffers ti himself as The Doctor, and travels through both space and time in a time machine disguised as a blue police box. The show follows him on all his adventures. The Doctor occasionally bring friends along on his journeys. Every few years the Doctor regenrates and get a new face, body, and personality. The show is full of so many twists and turn that it never gets old. If you wanted to start watching this wonderful piece of British culture I would recommend starting with the 2005 reboot, and like a said it’s a little strange give it a few episodes before you decide you don’t like it. The 10 season of the reboot series just wrapped up on BBC and should be available in the US soon.


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