Finals: The Struggle is Real

Finals are only days away. It’s time to face the facts. You are not near prepared enough for your exams. You promised yourself you would be better prepared but once again your lack of self control and love of Netflix have won. You wish you could relive the last two weeks. You to do list has never been longer, homework is at an all time high, and your motivation is no where to be found. You are scatterbrained, and have only stressed cried twice, and only had three mental breakdown this week. The library is a madhouse and there is no where to study (Everybody at ATU is at Club Pendy.). Seeing people crying over textbooks is becoming normal and people have started doing irrational things. You offically can’t even. you can’t wait for finals to be over so you can have fun again. A handful of test that decide whether you pass or fail are the only obstacle standing between you and a month of freedom. Good luck and may the curve be ever in your favor.



There once was a girl who was single. Society asked what was wrong with her. She spent her days forming friendships that would last a lifetime, while other girls spent their days with their flavor of the month. The others suffered heartbreak. She encouraged them through it while she avoided the constant disappointment. She walked with confidence without a man beside her, and society judged her for it. Some men asked for her time, but she decided not to give it to them. Others tried and failed to find the elusive “the one” while she found herself. She knew she would find her man, but on her timing not the world’s. Society asked what was wrong with her, and she asked asked what was wrong with society.

Note to self: It’s okay to be single. 🙂

Christmas List of a College Student

Even though most people have a wide variety of likes and dislikes. I think there are a few things every college student would appreciate for Christmas/what ever you celebrate this year.

Clothes — At school our uniform typically consits of a school tshirt we picked up for free at some event, and sweatpants, yoga pants, or leggings and a sweatshirt/ Whatever is clean, because we haven’t done laundry lately becuse we had to focus on finals. Most college bookstores offer special deals if you want something to represent their school spirtit. Clothing, any clothing, down to a boring pair of socks, is very appreaciated.

Food– We have be forced to live off the cafeteria, meal swipes, and whatever we can make in the microwave. A homecooked meal is long overdue.

Sleep–Please let your college student sleep in at least a little.

Spend Time with Them– We might not admit it, but we missed you.

ITunes Card/Music/music subscription–We typically can’t afford it on our budgets but music is a huge part of our lives.

Gift cards–It’s nice to have money for places we would love to go to but normally don’t have money to spend there.

Money–Let’s face it. Most of us are broke.



Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Since I had never been to Tropical Smoothie Cafe, I did not share the extreme excitement others had when they opened a location here in Russellville. When I finally got around to stopping by (about a month after they opened), I was surprised by the crowd in line on sucha rainy day. The wait time gave me plenty of time to decide on whitch fruit combonation to try. I decided on “Blimey Limey” a combination of strawberries, pineapple, and lime. Although the five dollar price seems a little steep for a smoothie to a broke college student (seriosly that’s a full meal from almost any fast food resturant), the large portion sizes make up for the cost. A Tropical Smoothie Cafe smoothie is a delcious and healthy snack or breakfast. I will definatley vist again. It is great that Russellville is finally getting more unique food offerings.

Finals are coming!

The whole attitude of the campus has changed since we have gotten back from Thanksgiving break. There is one inevitable truth is on everyone’s mind: Finals are coming. There is no escape. It is going to get much worse before it gets any better. Finals are the bane of a college student’s existance. Often times finals can determine whether you pass or fail a class. You know it is getting close when the students who only show up for test start coming to class ona regualr basis and the library‘s extra crowds make it much harder to study. Finals seem espeacially bad as a freshman. We have heard the horror stories but still don’t know exactly what to expect. The only hope is to start preparing now for the struggle yet to come.