Introducing Me

I realized today that I have been posting for a while now, IMG_2916and have failed miserably at making this blog personal. Granted the blog is a school assignment, but I should spent more time enjoying having a pubic forum to write and less time complaining about having nothing to write about. So, anyways here me.

I’m Stephanie. I attend Arkansas Tech University, where I major in Print Journalism. I love music and writing. I am a bit of geek. I am a Phi Mu. I have two dogs, who I love dearly. I am just a girl trying to figure life out, and I guess you guys get to experience that with me. I hope you enjoy my little blog of nonsense.








Music Review: Coldplay

I am a huge fan of Coldplay. To those of my readers who aren’t fans, I will try to Fix You.

Coldplay is one of my go to bands for studying tunes. Over the years their offerings have been consistant, yet constantly changing. As a writer, I really look for good lyrics in music and Coldplay lives up to the hype. They recently released their seventh (and hopefully not last) album, A Head Full of Dreams. This album’s hopeful tone is a stark contrast their previous offerings on Ghost Stories. The single Hymn for the the Weekend is currently racing up the charts. The signature sound of pop/soft rock/alternative can be found in the anthems and ballads that capture the stories of heartbreak and love and the spectrum betweem  The new album (as well as the older ones) are worth a moment (or much more) of your time.

How I Organize My Planner

A planner is the most vital school supply I own. It is literally impossible to balance classes, homework, work, and othe activities without one.

How to Set Up a Planner

My color coded planner.

My color coded planner.

  • Buy a planner. It doesn’t have to be expensive or Lilly Pulitzer. Walmart has great options for under $10. Make sure it has sections where you can organize each day, and plenty of space to write.
  • Actully use your planner. It sounds silly, but a planner doesn’t work unless you do. Carry it to class with you, write down your reading assignments, and take about 15 minutes every week to make sure you have all important dates written down.
  • I personally love the idea of color coding my planner. It helps my prioritize and makes the most important things stand out. My catogories are:
    • Class
    • Work
    • Church
    • Phi Mu
    • Club meetings
    • Tech events

This video is super helpful if you are interested in setting this up for yourself.

Music Review: Andy Grammer

I am a fan of many different types of music, but I am a sucker for pop. I love thr sound and grew up on sugary sweet feel good beats, and my favorites included the Jonas Brothers and other bands that were topping the Billboard charts.

Andy Grammer caught my ear around 2012 with his first album, and caught the world’s attention with the hit single, “Keep Your Head Up” (which was featured in the movie Pitch Perfect). HIs music is the grown up version of the pop tracks that defined an early 2000’s kid.

The Standout Tracks


Materials for brainstorming blog posts

Andy Grammer

  • Keep Your Head Up
  • Fine By Me
  • The Pocket

Crazy Beautiful EP

  • Crazy Beautiful

Magazines or Novels

  • Honey, I’m Good
  • Masterpiece
  • Sinner
  • Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah) (Deluxe Edition)
  • Co-Pilot (Deluxe Edition)

His latest single Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah) is currently climbing the charts and it totally worth the listen.


Making it Personal

One of my main goals for this blog, this semester, is to move beyond my typical postings of music reviews and pop culture offerings and provide content that is a little more out of my comfort zone. I feel my writings here have been ordinary, and impersonal, and honestly not my best work. I want to instead use this blog as a personal reflection of my life. These posts should read as chapters of my college experience instead of the random collection of what I happen to be thinking about at the moment.  I should capture the world around me with words. As a writer, I should write, and write well.

Top Youtube Channels

Next to Netflix, Youtube is one of the best time wasting black holes of the internet. These are my favorite people to waste time watching.


Channels I follow:

  • Bethany Mota–Designer for Areopostle, posts updates on designs, and DIY Projects
  • Paint— Jon Cozart– Great music, covers, parodys, etc. Best known for his After Ever After Disney Princess videos.
  • Vlog Brothers— Hank & John Green’s Channel Random things and important things
  • Kurt Hugo Schneider— Original music from little to unknown artisits and creative covers of popular music.

Other channels include some of my current favorite music acts, whatever is popular, and what ever I may be interested in at the moment. I hope you enjoy.


Christmas Break!

I am actually happy to be back on campus (minus the homework that is already piling up, again). I really missed my friends, but I had a fun, releaxing Chritmas break.

Spent lots of time with my dog.

Spent lots of time with my dog.

I honestly didn’t do much. I watched way too much Netflix  (I would suggest watching Doctor Who and Jessica Jones), baked cookies, and worked on craft projects. My family and I managed to make it through

  • all seven Harry Potter movies
  •  marathoned all six Star Wars movies
  •  finally going to see The Force Awakens (which was amazing).

If you want to catch up on all the original Star Wars saga but don’t have three whole days I would suggest watching the video below.

The Main Point

The holidays themselves were great. I spent  time with my extended family, attended our annual candle light service, and ate way to much delicious food and exchanged gifts. I rang in the new year with my family and set off fireworks, just like always. As a college student, I forgot how much I mssed my family and reliezed that even old childish traditions, were part of what makes the season so special.

Test post

picture of beach

Oh, look a beach!


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The Problem With Perfection

I call myself a writer. I plan

on IMG_3205spending the rest of my life in a writing intesive field. So, I
should be writing. I stuggle with my perfectionist nature. The fear of failing to capture someone completely with words prevents me from writing about them, masquerading as writer’s block. I edit my thoughts before they ever hit the paper. I love my chosen major of Journalism, but I hate how I can’t remember the last time I wrote because I wanted to. One of my New Year resolutions is to stop this self-censorship and just write. Even if it sounds dumb. Embrace the idea of “write drunk, edit sober”, which may or may not have been written by Earnest Hemingway, and get words on paper. Wish me luck.