Christmas Break!

I am actually happy to be back on campus (minus the homework that is already piling up, again). I really missed my friends, but I had a fun, releaxing Chritmas break.

Spent lots of time with my dog.

Spent lots of time with my dog.

I honestly didn’t do much. I watched way too much Netflix  (I would suggest watching Doctor Who and Jessica Jones), baked cookies, and worked on craft projects. My family and I managed to make it through

  • all seven Harry Potter movies
  •  marathoned all six Star Wars movies
  •  finally going to see The Force Awakens (which was amazing).

If you want to catch up on all the original Star Wars saga but don’t have three whole days I would suggest watching the video below.

The Main Point

The holidays themselves were great. I spent  time with my extended family, attended our annual candle light service, and ate way to much delicious food and exchanged gifts. I rang in the new year with my family and set off fireworks, just like always. As a college student, I forgot how much I mssed my family and reliezed that even old childish traditions, were part of what makes the season so special.


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