How I Organize My Planner

A planner is the most vital school supply I own. It is literally impossible to balance classes, homework, work, and othe activities without one.

How to Set Up a Planner

My color coded planner.

My color coded planner.

  • Buy a planner. It doesn’t have to be expensive or Lilly Pulitzer. Walmart has great options for under $10. Make sure it has sections where you can organize each day, and plenty of space to write.
  • Actully use your planner. It sounds silly, but a planner doesn’t work unless you do. Carry it to class with you, write down your reading assignments, and take about 15 minutes every week to make sure you have all important dates written down.
  • I personally love the idea of color coding my planner. It helps my prioritize and makes the most important things stand out. My catogories are:
    • Class
    • Work
    • Church
    • Phi Mu
    • Club meetings
    • Tech events

This video is super helpful if you are interested in setting this up for yourself.


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