Random Thoughts of a Writer

If I write about you, take a moment and be slightly flattered; you IMG_3757must have been on my mind. You may have been there for good reasons, maybe bad ones, perhaps neutral ones or something entirely different. But it’s not about you. I am a writer. I write. I almost always do it for my sake.
It’s me trying to make since of my mind, my emotions. Do not be offended if I don’t share it with you. Some things are a work in progress. Some things are never finished.I try to capture the world around me in words and phases. I aim the tell it’s story. If you are featured there as well, I suppose you have somehow left your impression.It is me try to be as honest as I possibly can be, literally in black and white.



Leap Day!

One every 4 years, we are given an extra day. A whole 24 hours. What do you plan to do with this extra gift? Where does it come from? IMG_0497Sadly, if you are an ATU student Monday kicks off midterm week. So you will (or probably) should spend some of that time studying for your upcoming exams. People actually think about how they spend this day. While I certainly see the novelty of the idea. I think most of us would benefit greatly from putting that little amount of thought into everday, making the absolute most of every day. When you strive the enjoy a day versus just surviving or making it though, you make different desicions. As cliche as is, make every day your leap day!

Life Survival Guide

Some of you may remember an old Nickelodeon show called, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. It was really popular when I was in middle school. When you look past all the fart jokes and pointless plots that were still somehow  entertaining, every now and then there was a good lesson the be learned from the series. Devon Werkheiser (Ned himself) has come back after all these years to offer us a “Life Surivival Guide” via Youtube. So far the weekly series of video, released on Mondays, does not disappiont. Much more serious and helpful spinoff is worth watching as each week Devon presents a new topic. Check out the first episode below or click here, to see all posted episodes.


What Determines Gas Prices?

It’s time to stop blaming the president for the price of gasoline; that’s one of the few things he doesn’t really have a say in. Quite honestly gasoline prices are determined by, like most things we buy, supply and demand. It all depends on the market.Speculation and futures play a role.  As tension rises in oil producing countries, so does the price of oil.

It is important to realize that crude oil and gasoline are two different things. Gasoline is refined crude oil. The refining of gasoline adds a little to the price per gallon. This means that . The price increase changes with the cost of refining and distributing the oil.There is a strong, direct correlation between the price per barrel of crude oil and the price per gallon of gasoline. (A barrel is 42 gallons.)

Supply and demand is the biggest factor in determining the price of gasoline. Basically the more gasoline you have the more the price will decrease. Since the US gets most of its oil from inside of its borders. in addition to U.S. production, Relations with other places where we get oil also factor into gas prices, The value of the dollar is another major factor. Also, certain times of the year like Christmas and summer you can expect to see price rise some, due to the large amounts of people who are expected to be travelling.

The President may have some influence over taxes, with Congress, but he really has no major control over the regulation of gasoline prices. No one person or group decides America’s gas prices. It’s a combination of the different factors of both the business and consumers.








Day 5 Drink More Water Challenge

I am almost sad this challenge is coming to an end. I amIMG_3750 actually starting to enjoy this. I used to drink more water and less soda in high school, but the speed of college life has made daily caffeine a need. I really feel better with out the mid-afternoon crash from the end of my caffiene powered mornings. My skin is much clearer than it was before and I feel a little better about myself. I think the accountability to make healthy choice was a great thing for me. I have improved since the begining and even the middle of this challege. Although I doubt I will be able to stick with something this strict longterm, I am going to make a concious effort to watch what I drink and drink more water. I am glad I tried this little experiment, and I think it has a positive change in my college routine. Daily Total 3 1/2.



Day 4 Drink More Water Challenge

I missed not going to Starbucks with my friends today. Homework kept me really busy and I have three test tomorrow. Despite the pressure I refused to IMG_3749crack. I tried out an app today instead of setting alarms on my phone. I tried the Daily Water Free App for Iphone. It looked cool at first, but decided I hated it because its reminders make weird water sounds (that honsetly sound like someone relieving themselves). These reminders come up a dozen plus times a day, and I deleted the app after less than six hours. I tried others and didn’t like them either. It’s back to alarms and reminders on my phone. I’ve learned that it’s becoming much easier for me to drink more water after I started making it a habit. Daily Total: 2 4/5.

Day 3 Drink More Water Challenge

IMG_3746After today I am more than halfway done with this challenge. Yay! I made it through today drinking only water. It was honestly not as bad as I thought it would be. I think i am begining to adjust to this. I didn’t miss my caffeine and tried to set alarms on my phone to help me keep track of my water intake. Today I decided to only use a reuable/refillable 24oz. water bottle from here on out. My attempt at being healthy is going to be completely Earth friendly. It honestly took less effort and produeced so much less watse. Up until now my water has been about filtered tap and half prebottled. The pile of water bottle in my recycle bin has gotten ridiculous and I realized I was too. I plan to permanent stick to this change. It’s much cheaper, earth friendly, and not any more effort. it’s a triple win. Daily Total: 3 1/4. (I overchieved and I’m proud.)


Day 2 Drink More Water Challenge

I miss caffeine in liquid form. It was much IMG_3748harder for me get going this morning, while fighting wih the fact that I would rather sleep than go to my first class. People who say orange juice wakes you up better than actual caffeine are liars. Once fully awake, I was almost perfectly fine. I am feeling a little heathier. Giving up coffee and soft drinks for a week has helped me relieze how much i was actually drinking these unhealthy things. I researched other people’s results with similar commitments to see if it gets easier (It sadly doesn’t look like it does.). Being extra busy kept me from drinking as much as I would have hoped to. Daily Total: 1 1/2. (I’ll do better tomorrow.)

Day 1 Drink More Water Challenge

One of my friends challenged me to drink more water (and less anything else) for five days. I fail to drink nearly enough water and ccepted. My goal was to drink at least two 24oz. water bottes a day (three if I could make it). Here’s how it went:

Day 1

I can totally do this. This is totally doable as long as I drink oneIMG_3747 bottle between waking up and lunch, another between lunchand dinner, and one more before bed. 

3 hours later… I have to pee.

I did not take into account how using the bathroom more frequently might throw a kink in both my commitment to this challege and my busy Monday morning schedule. Overall, I made it though two and a half bottles and only one Dr Pepper (It was Monday. I needed it.). Not bad for a first day. Daily Total: 2 1/2.





Offically Published

I can now say that I am a writer who has had their work published in more than just a high school newspaper, and by that I mean I am published in the ATU AIMG_3690rka Tech. While it’s nothing extremely special, just a basic new story. It’s mine. It gives me hope that I have chosen the right major, hope that I am where I need to be, doing what I need to do. I would be terribly disappointed if this was an ending, but it’s only a beginning and I can only go up from here. It’s my quiet act of defiance against the people who said I would never make it this far or that I wasn’t good enough. I’m going somewhere, slowly but surely, and it’s right there in black and white. Journalists pride themselves on the truth, and the honest truth is that I’m not sure where I’m going or exactly what I plan to do with my life. I hope and right now that hope smells like fresh off the press newsprint.