Day 1 Drink More Water Challenge

One of my friends challenged me to drink more water (and less anything else) for five days. I fail to drink nearly enough water and ccepted. My goal was to drink at least two 24oz. water bottes a day (three if I could make it). Here’s how it went:

Day 1

I can totally do this. This is totally doable as long as I drink oneIMG_3747 bottle between waking up and lunch, another between lunchand dinner, and one more before bed. 

3 hours later… I have to pee.

I did not take into account how using the bathroom more frequently might throw a kink in both my commitment to this challege and my busy Monday morning schedule. Overall, I made it though two and a half bottles and only one Dr Pepper (It was Monday. I needed it.). Not bad for a first day. Daily Total: 2 1/2.






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