Day 5 Drink More Water Challenge

I am almost sad this challenge is coming to an end. I amIMG_3750 actually starting to enjoy this. I used to drink more water and less soda in high school, but the speed of college life has made daily caffeine a need. I really feel better with out the mid-afternoon crash from the end of my caffiene powered mornings. My skin is much clearer than it was before and I feel a little better about myself. I think the accountability to make healthy choice was a great thing for me. I have improved since the begining and even the middle of this challege. Although I doubt I will be able to stick with something this strict longterm, I am going to make a concious effort to watch what I drink and drink more water. I am glad I tried this little experiment, and I think it has a positive change in my college routine. Daily Total 3 1/2.




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