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Meet my Dog


This is Goldie, my precious puppy. She is a yellow lab who loves to sleep and beg for snacks.She is about six years old and very playful.My family adopted her about 4 years ago and she has been a huge part of our family since day one. Before we adopted her she had been abandoned in the woods near one of my dad’s coworker’s house. We took her home and spoiled her instantly. Goldie loves car rides and dreads bath time. She loves people and playing with her favorite toy, a lizard named Mr. Squeakers. She spends her days following everyone around in hopes or receiving extra attention and treats.

You can see more pictures of Goldie on these two stories.

Welcome to Reality

I recently received the opportunity to work on an article for a localIMG_3909.JPG publication. While it is not much it has made me question if I am pursuing the right career. The real world beats any classroom. Any mistake, while it could prove to be a learning experience, would be a set back. I love what I am doing, but I allow my fear of failure to influence my decisions. I limit my creativity and aspirations of a project to be limited to a textbook example. This first writing job is my chance to declare the kind of writer I want to be. It’s time to let go of the image of perfection I am constantly mimicking in hopes of achieving greatness.

Stressed Out

It’s only been a few days since starting back to classes after IMG_4087spring break and I am already back to the near overwhelming level of stress that ran my life right before I left for the week. Assignments and tests are stacking up around me. I spend more time in the library that I do asleep and summer can not arrive soon enough. I enjoy a bit of chaos, thrive in it even, but right now my life is far more complicated than I enjoy. Between classes, assignments, and work hours, the balance is hard to achieve and it’s only going to get harder.

Grey’s Anatomy

After refusing to watch the series for a long time, I finally gave in over spring break (due to endless nagging of my fellow Phi Mu sisters) and become obsessed 20 minutes into the first episode. I am pleasantly surprised that Grey’s Anatomy lives up to the hype.The show documents the unique medical cases and complicated personal lives of five interning surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital. The plot line keeps the show exciting and refreshing. The (sometimes literallyIMG_3980) explosive plot twists keep viewers constantly engaged. I devoured three full seasons in a week and am waiting for my next binge session. I would recommend the series to anyone (as long as they don’t they have anything productive to do, like ever).

Women’s Week

Women’s week as a whole was wonderful. It was filled with a dozen events promoting women’s leadership. Many featured local women guest speakers who spoke of their lives inside and out of the workplace.IMG_3833

The week  concluded with a showing of “A League of Their Own” and Saturday’s Women’s Leadership Conference. It was a great experience. I had the opportunity to see fellow Arkansas Tech students present on topics like “Women in the Media”. Keynote  speaker Kristen Hadeed spoke on how she started her own business while still in college. Watch her Ted Talk here. I am fortunate that my university hosts events like this. I really enjoyed women’s week and look forward to next year’s events and conference.

Greek Dance Battle

This year’s ATU Greek Week was replaced by IMG_3889.JPGa single event: Greek Dance Battle. It’s a fundraiser for the Greek programming board. Even with the two dollar admittance fee, Witherspoon was packed with nearly every Greek on campus, a multitude of parents and friend who came to cheer on their favorite team. The Co-ed teams each chose a different theme: Werewolves vs. Witches, Space Jam, and Girls vs. Boys. The dance battle is one of the biggest annual Greek events at Arkansas Tech. It’s a great opportunity for the entire university and the Greek community to set aside their differences and collaborate.


I recently joined TumblrIMG_3629 as an effort to gain experience using different blogging platforms. It is incredibly easy to use. It is a trove of endless entertainment although it is most likely the strangest corner of the internet. The pop culture dominated  “micro blogging” website makes blogging fun and convenient. You can post a joke or start writing a novel. Tumblr’s crazy amount of users post about absolutely everything under the sun. If you are interested in it you can find blogs about it on Tumblr. The atmosphere ranges from traditional style blogs to people who honestly should not use the internet. It’s like the junk food of the internet. Not good for you, not really beneficial, but you consume it.Overall, I enjoy the different approach to combine traditional blogging and social media.

3D Printer

Arkansas Tech University recently purchased a 3D printer. It currently resides on the third floor of the library. Students can submit designs to be made in the printer for very little cash. Although an expensive start up for the university, it is paying off for the students who get to see their creations come to life. IMG_3775

Designs that have already been printed include the jeep shown in the image above, a small model of the Eiffel Tower,as well as a model of The Millennium Falcon. Each design costs on average between two or three dollars depending on its size and weight. Students can submit their design through the website to be added to the wait list for printing.


Freshman Year

Freshman year is almost over. I can’t believe IMG_3312I am almost one fourth of
the way done with my college undergrad experience. Looking back I notice how far I have come from the beginning. I forced myself way out of my comfort zone and went through formal Panhellenic recruitment.  I have made friendships that started with a random conversation and have lasted throughout my Freshman year. I attempt to try something new on a weekly basis. I am on a journey of achieving independence and finding myself. I have come a long way from my first month on campus. I hope to keep pushing myself to become a much better version of myself.