I finally joined Twitter in hopes of discovering a great new world of social media, and honestly I’m still looking for it. Twitter is not bad. It’s far from terrible and almost on the edge of great. it’s just not my persona favorite social media outlet. IMG_3583While it is starting to grow on me, I would still prefer to use another form of social media. I understand that it is a fabulous resource and wonderful tool for journalists (and everyone else on the planet) to reach people. It serves its purpose and serves it well. I prefer the added information and personal touch of Instagram or even the soon to be elderly Facebook. Some stories can be captured under 140 characters and others are simply halfway told, if that. Twitter is short and sweet, but also bland and lacking. I follow only about 2 dozen accounts and my news feed is already crazily crowed with pointless short (and often poorly written) sentences. Some college students I follow post a dozen or more time a day. As a journalism student I understand the need to use Twitter and even encourage it, but as a college student using Twitter I feel let down.


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